Saturday, December 1, 2012

Interview of the Filmakers @ The telepgraph, India

For 2 student filmmakers, 3 is not a crowd

Wikipedia defines “polyamo-ry” as “the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved”.
This idea lies at the heart of 3 on a bed, a 32-minute diploma film produced by the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute that was screened at the EM Bypass film school’s main theatre last week. A t2 chat with director duo Rajdeep Paul and Sarmistha Maiti on their final project at SRFTI…
Why a film on polyamory?
Rajdeep Paul; Sarmistha Maiti. (Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya)
Rajdeep: It is a relationship orientation. I think from the relationship orientation angle, I am polyamoric. I came to know about polyamory on the Internet seven or eight years ago. Sarmistha and I have been working on projects from the second year… prochondo level-er dialoguing hoto and this became a favourite topic for us. That’s where the idea for the film came from.
Sarmistha: Rajdeep came to know of the term ‘polyamory’ first. But I have always looked at love in this way, may be. It should not be bound by some kind of limitation. I believe in polyamory in faith. When we started working on this film, we checked the latest edition of The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology and this term was not there, but it has been there on the Internet for half a decade. Along with that there is another term called compassion, equivalent to empathy, you are happy when your lover is happy or your friend is happy.
Rajdeep started researching whether there was a society or a commune where people lived like this. He came across many such individuals. We did not want to put forward something that was alien. We wanted to show what we are…. 3 on bed is not just about the relationship of three people. It deals with many more things. If a man kisses another man, can you call it gay? Does your sexual orientation bind you to form a relationship or is it your natural behaviour or feelings of like or dislike that prompts you into a relationship? In 3 on a bed, the relationship between Kapil (Saurav Das), Padmini (Tanusree Goswami) and Debdutta (Rana Ghosh) has no guilt.
You have treated intimacy quite differently...
Rajdeep: We were trying to desexualise sex. Amra dekhabo sex, kintu loke jaanbe na. I tried to depict sex the way you would look at a tree or a mountain. I didn’t want to make it either boring or erotic. I wanted to make it adorable. I was sure that I would not show naked breasts. It is such an easy way out.
The feedback so far?
Sarmistha: A 75-year-old man hugged me after the show. A simple middle-class engineer told me that this shupto ichhey (latent desire) is there in all of us. We cannot say it, but you all can!
Rajdeep: My father loved it. He said there were tears in his eyes when he saw the last scene (where Kapil, Padmini and Debdutta kiss each other). That’s a great compliment!
Where did you get your actors from?
Rajdeep: Rana and Saurav are from Padatik, and Tanusree is into television and theatre.

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