Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 on a Bed Book Promo

Makers of India's First Polyamoric Film "3 on a Bed" promise to ignite your taste-buds with their latest cuisine - a grand plethora of the different spices of Human Emotions ... 3 on a Bed, the Book.

The book, 3 on a Bed, slated to hit the retail market on January 2013, is already available for pre-booking. Book your c
opies now!
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Enter Now : The "3 on a Bed" Book

3 on a bed (Paperback)
by Rajdeep Paul & Sarmistha Maiti

Releasing in January 2013.

Three novellas by two filmmakers turned authors delving into the evolving anatomy of love, sex, gender equation and power equilibrium in a rapidly changing collective consciousness of the Indian psyche.

The sum of parts add up to a greater whole in Rajdeep’s India 24 as individual lives from different parts of India and from different social strata cross-connect to provide an insight into the greater politics of life and living in contemporary India.

3 on a Bed, a one of a kind joint writing by both the authors brings in 3 people trying to transcend all the inequalities brought about by sexual possessiveness, jealousy and gender constructs through their unique decision of sharing a bed and their bodies and minds as well.

Sarmistha’s 1 Day for Love through the exploration of a young woman’s obsessive fear of the festival of Holi (The festival of colours in India), explores the evolution of gender and class politics over a period of three decades ultimately culminating into an all-encompassing indifference infecting the fabric of the Indian society.

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