Friday, January 20, 2012

The Trailer

Premiering is SRFTI Kolkata, March 2012. dates to be announced in february.


  1. When will u release this film on dvd,i'd love to buy a copy! When u do, can u pls contact me at: Thanx!

  2. TRIAMBIGRAM: I am the film contributor to the poly collection at the Kinsey Institute here in the US and I would like to ask you if you would consider including a copy of your film in that collection?

    Dr. Ken Haslam's Polyamory Collection at the Kinsey Institute is dedicated to archiving and preserving the history of polyamory as it happens, to provide a record of our beginnings to future generations. I would love to be able to include your work in the collection.

    1. Hello Joreth,
      We Rajdeep Paul & Sarmistha Maiti feel greatly honoured with your proposal of adding our film '3 on a bed' to the Dr. Ken Haslam's Polyamory Collection. Please let us know how can we reach out to you with a copy of the film and what formalities are required for it... also what record will be given to us that the film has been included in the collection.

      Secondly let us inform you that it is not only '3 on a bed' - the 32 minute short fiction that we have made but we have also progressed a step ahead and now ready with a book of the same name.

      3 on a Bed - the book is a collection of 3 contemporary Indian Novellas where the theme of polyamory is the binding thread and 3 on a bed in one of the novellas among the three novellas in the collection which has the same three caharacters of the film though the narrative is much more intense and vertically deep penetrating through the complexities of this relationship orientation. Written by us it is due to get launched in January 2013 by the publishing house BUNSEN BOOKS from India. The book will be distributed globally and made available through online marketing sites like flipkart, home shop 18 etc etc. So we would like you and others keeping interest in reading as well to collect a copy of the book as well.

      Will share you the link of the publisher within a short while with the book promo etc...

      Please keep in touch and communicate how you want to take the film as of now.


      Rajdeep & Sarmistha

  3. Hi... it would be an honour to have the film added to your collection... do you have the DVD already from some source or do you want us to send it... if so please give us your address.... other than that a book 3 on a Bed which also has polyamory as a theme and is the story of the same charcaters as in the film will be published in Januray and will be available for all treaders worldiwde... we will give you the address of the publisher and you can pre-book the book now itslef